RAISED $50,594 - OUR GOAL $100,000


our goal

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to invest in habitat conservation projects critical to endangered native species. By planting trees and helping rainforests, woodlands and eucalypt forests regrow, we're helping to build and protect native habitat for our wildlife.

Thank you!

Plant a tree for Me! projects focus on Australian native species conservation. From rehabilitating habitat for the Northern Quoll in the Pilbara, Western Australia to growing and planting extensive areas of Stony Knoll Shrubland for the endangered Corangamite Water Skink in Victoria, we are helping to build resilient ecosystems.

By supporting scientific based projects and important research programs, we are better able to understand and manage native species conservation. These projects increase our knowledge about threats to species distribution, behaviours, and population numbers so that initiatives and on-ground projects can be undertaken to ensure their survival into the future.

When you give to Plant a Tree for Me! you’ll support projects that restore habitats all around Australia essential for the survival of our native animals. Together we can restore these endangered habitats and ensure their future survival.

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