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about us

How we support & grow healthy habitats across Australia

Established in 1970, the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW) is the only national not-for-profit focused on growing and caring for Australia’s National Parks and building connectivity of our natural landscape to protect our native wildlife. We believe in the importance of investing in our unique landscape, native animals and cultural heritage, helping people and our project partners to convert their passion for nature and wildlife into meaningful and sustainable conservation solutions and actions. FNPW is unique in its ability to unite individuals, stakeholders and environmental partners to collaborate and achieve positive outcomes.

Our work focuses on four key areas:

Protecting Habitat

More than 600,000 hectares protected

We work with key stakeholders and organisations to help protect and support Australia’s biodiversity and essential land and water resources for the long-term benefit of our native wildlife. By working in partnership with private landowners, we are improving connectivity and preserving high conservation value areas. Through purchase, donation, and bequest to FNPW, we add land to Australia’s permanently-protected, publicly-accessible National Parks. We want to ensure our National Parks remain protected, providing crucial habitat for our native animals & conserving our cultural heritage. National Parks across Australia provide areas where threatened Australian native plants and animals can be protected, monitored, stabilised and recovered. Your support today will help us rebuild important wildlife corridors.

Wildlife Conservation

Over 100 species protected

We work with select project partners to carefully choose each solution based on scientifically informed research and best practice conservation management. We fund scientifically based conservation works Australia-wide to conserve our country’s unique plant and animal species. Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinctions in the world and has experienced the largest documented decline in biodiversity of any continent over the past 200 years. But with your help we can stop it. Join us and donate today.

Environmental Education

More than 4 million Australians engaged

Our environmental educational program, media outreach, publications and websites engage over 4 million people each year, raising community awareness about the importance of the environmental, social and economic benefits of conserving our native wildlife and natural landscapes. By sharing successful case studies, best practices in conservation management and research findings we aim to inspire all Australians to care for our unique landscape and wildlife.
We invest in scientific research programs, educational initiatives and local projects to build community capacity, knowledge and skills to engage more people in conservation programs across Australia. Learn more and stay in touch sign up to our e-Newsletter today.

Cultural Heritage

4,500+ projects completed

Our heritage consists of the places, objects and knowledge we have inherited from past generations. FNPW helps conserve, protect and tell the stories that make up Australia’s cultural heritage as part of the gift we leave to future generations.
By protecting, preserving and maintaining the heritage and the significant cultures of the past and present, we provide current and future Australians and our visitors with the opportunity to learn from, enjoy and value the important aspects of our heritage.
Culture is a way of understanding and living in the world. People are as much part of the landscape as the plants, natural resources and the animals. The connection and interaction of people to the land and waters of Australia makes the whole environment special. Your donation today will protect critical habitat, expand National Parks and help establish wildlife corridors.